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Food Menu

Food Menu

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Draft Menu

Draft Menu

View what we currently have on tap below. We also offer flights for you to mix & match any four 5 oz. beers on our draft menu (price varies on each 5 oz. beer selection).

Half-Wit | Belgian Witbier

Classic Belgian Witbier with layers of flavor from the additions of orange peel, coriander, chamomile, and a yeast blend that provided a balance of banana, clove, and subtle notes of zesty pepper. 5.0% 15 IBU

Grains: Pilsner/Wheat/Oats/Munich

Hops: Pacifica

5oz | 3.5  10oz | 5  16oz | 7  32oz | 12.5  64oz | 18

Trail Magic: Watermelon Gose | Mojito Sour

Gose conditioned on mint, lime and a generous portion of fresh watermelon. Tangy and refreshing! 4.9% 10 IBU

Grains: Pilsner/Wheat

Hops: Tradition

5oz | 4  10oz | 5.5  16oz | 8  32oz | 13  64oz | 19

Uno Mas | Mexican Lager

Mexican Lager hopped with New Zealand Motueka and Wai-iti hops chosen for their blend of both Noble hop lineage and zesty lime flavors they can produce. A large addition of flaked maize provides a crisp and clean body and finish. ¡Salud! 5.0% 21 IBU

Grains: Vienna/Munich/Flaked Maize/Carafoam

Hops: Motueka/Wai-iti

5 oz | 3.5   10 oz | 5  16 oz | 7.5   32 oz | 12.5   64 oz | 19.5

Excommunicado | Czech Dark Lager

Traditional Tmavy Lezak (Dark Lager), with a balanced malt & hop profile. Notes of toasted dark bread, bittersweet chocolate, mild coffee, & a round smooth earthy hop character. While not as popular as its Pale & Amber cousins, Dark Lagers have a long, storied history throughout The Czech Republic. 5.3% 30 IBU

Grains: Floor-Malted Bohemian Dark/Floor-Malted Pilsner/Carafa/Caraaroma

Hops: Saaz

5 oz | 3.5   10 oz | 5   16 oz | 7.5   32 oz | 12   64 oz | 18.5

Fly By Night | Oaked Coffee Stout

Fermented on top of toasted french oak, Fly By Night takes a basic clean english stout and adds complexity while remaining drinkable and fairly dry in the finish. Later conditioned on local Firehouse Coffee (Breakfast Blend) and roasted cacao nibs, ending in a satisfying blend of savory and sweet with notes of vanilla. 6.0% 40 IBU

Grains: Pale/Munich/Carafa/Roast Barley


5oz | 4  10oz | 5.5  16oz | 8  32oz | 13  64oz | 19

Celestial Violence | Cascadian Dark Ale

Cascadian Dark Ale, American Style Black Ale, Black IPA...whatever name it goes by is likely to divide.  "Too dark!" for hopheads, "Too hoppy!" for stout drinkers, but somewhere in the middle there are those of us who love this underrepresented style for all the quirks and complexity it can bring. 6.8% 70 IBU

Grains: 2 Row/Munich/Chocolate Rye/Carafa/Roast Barley

Hops: Cascade/Citra/CTZ/Simcoe/Amarillo/Nugget

5oz | 3.5  10oz | 5  16oz | 7.5  32oz | 12  64oz | 18.5

Copper | Dusseldorf Altbier

Classic Dusseldorf Altbier with additions of flaked and chocolate rye adding a complex layer and contributing a touch of roast and drier finish. German hops bring the expected earthy and spicy balanced bitterness for the style. 6.0% 34 IBU

Grains: Pilsner/Munich/Vienna/Flaked Rye/Chocolate Rye

Hops: Northern Brewer/Saphir/Perle

5 oz | 3.5   10 oz | 5   16 oz | 7.5   32 oz | 11   64 oz | 17

Earth & Water | Saison with Herbs & Honey

Farmhouse ale with chamomile, elderflower, heather tips, lemongrass, cardamom, wildflower honey and orange peel. French yeast brings peppery notes with subtle citrus that compliments the herbal, floral, and citrus additions in the boil. Perfect beer to welcome the arrival of an early Spring. 6.4% 28 IBU

Grains: Pilsner/Wheat/Biscuit/Rye/Honey Malt

Hops: Mandarina Bavaria/Saaz

5 oz | 3.5   10 oz | 5   16 oz | 7.5   32 oz | 12   64 oz | 18

Draft Menu

Click the menu below to enlarge it in a new window.

 Brewing is tradition, art, science, & relentless forward progress. Constant improvement is the goal; that’s why all recipes & raw ingredients are subject to change at the brewer’s creative discretion. 

Cocktails & Wine Menu

Cocktail & Wine Menu

View our selection of cocktails and wine below.

Apothecary | 8.5

Old Republic Gates House white rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, splash of cherry juice. Garnished with orange wedge & cherry.

Chocolate Martini | 8

Vanilla vodka, creme de cacao, chocolate & half and half served in a martini glass swirled w/ more chocolate. Perfect for dessert!

Long Island Iced Tea | 8

Vodka, triple sec, & gin shaken with sour mix & topped with a splash of Coca-Cola.

Vodka Cranberry | 7

Vodka & cranberry juice mixed with a dash of lime juice, garnished with a lime wedge. 

Whiskey & Coke | 8

Whiskey & Coca-Cola, garnished with a lime wedge. 

Rum & Coke | 7

Spiced rum & Coca-Cola, garnished with a lime wedge. 

Old Fashioned | 8

Yellow bourbon muddled with cherry, orange, simple syrup & bitters, topped with Sprite & served on the rocks with a lemon wedge. 

Mule | 8

Vodka, lime juice & ginger beer, served on the rocks in a copper mule mug, garnished with a lime wedge. 

Margarita Flight | 14

Four 5 oz. margaritas in the follwing flavors: lime, strawberry, mango, raspberry, watermelon, peach & blue Hawaiian coconut.

Deerfoot Butter | 8.5

This Chardonnay from Deerfoot Winery has the fanciful name called ‘Butter’ since it went through secondary fermentation & has a great buttery character.

Deerfoot Country Red | 7

A Deerfoot Winery fan favorite, this sweet red table wine is a blend of Concord & Riesling.

Violet Vintage Vermillion | 10

A dry red Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of black cherry, black currant, oak & tobacco, from local Violet Vintage Winery.

Violet Vintage Fringe | 9.5

A sweet white cayuga wine with notes of apple, peach, mango, honey, pineapple, & lemon.

Violet Vintage Zeppelin | 10

A sparkling sweet peach wine with notes of peach, peach blossom, honey, & grapefruit.

The Clockmaker | 8

Vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice & orange juice, topped with cherry brandy.

Espresso Martini | 8

Double shot of espresso, vodka and coffee liqueur.

Whiskey Sour | 8

Yellow bourbon, sour mix, topped with orange juice, served on the rocks with a cherry & an orange wedge. 

Dark & Stormy | 8.5

Golden Plough Tavern Dark rum from Old Republic in York, PA floated on top of Goslings Ginger Beer & stirred to give the appearance of a dark storm cloud. Garnished with lime.

Bloody Mary | 8

Bloody Mary mix of tomato juice with a dash of lemon juice, salt & pepper, mixed with vodka & garnished with a lime & lemon wedge.

Arnold Palmer | 8

Spiced rum, fresh brewed tea, lemon juice & agave nectar, garnished with a lemon wedge. 

Tequila Sunrise | 7

Tequila, orange juice & grenadine, garnished with a cherry & orange slice.

Margarita | 8

Made with tequila & served in your choice of lime, strawberry, mango, raspberry, watermelon, peach & blue Hawaiian coconut on the rocks, garnished with a lime. 

Shirley Temple | 5

Grenadine & Sprite, garnished with a cherry. Make it a Dirty Shirley with vodka for an additional $2. 

Deerfoot NY81 | 7.5

A semi-sweet white wine from Deerfoot Winery made from NY81 grapes.

Deerfoot Comfy Couch | 7

An easy drinking sweet white wine made from 100% Cayuga White grapes.

Violet Vintage Streamliner | 9.5

A dry white Viognier wine with notes of tangerine, peach, mango, honeysuckle and rose.

Violet Vintage Cantante | 10

A beautifully full bodied red wine made with petite sirah, notes of dark berried fruits, smoke, oak, caramel, & oak. This is a bold/tannic sipping wine.

Our liquor is proudly supplied by Hidden Still Spirits, located in Hershey, PA. 

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