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Our small, family-owned brewing company started out as family members comparing and discussing craft beer. As our business grew, we expanded our team to help create the best experience for our customers by bringing in exceptional staff. From our servers to our bartenders to our kitchen crew, our employees are the backbone of our company! Learn more about our core team below.


Joseph Zaleski


Joe Zaleski is the driving force behind Copperz Brewing Co., the gear that keeps it all turning. When he and his family had the inspiration to start their own microbrewery, Joe's ambition and vision was the key piece to turn the ideas into an actuality. An avid fan of craft brews, he is excited to finally work with his team at Copperz to bring his dream of a top-notch microbrewery to customers.

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Justin Kershner

Head Brewer

Meet Justin Kershner, the incredibly knowledgeable and talented head brewer for Copperz Brewing Co. He is the mastermind behind all of the fantastic beers we are able to serve our customers. Passionate and inspired, Justin is always thinking about the next recipe he can brew for our customers and has dozens planned out months in advance.

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Ryan Orth

Head Chef

Ryan Orth is the creative and driven head chef at Copperz Brewing Co. He looks forward to cooking up ideas for new specials to keep our menu fresh and exciting for our customers. Ryan believes food is a key ingredient to happiness and he hopes everyone who enjoys a meal at Copperz leaves happier than when they came in. He loves experimenting with new flavors and enjoys studying what our customers love to eat!

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